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Audio Video Systems for Home
Speakers located in each room with the option of multi source, which means you can listen to cd in one room and an Ipod in another while listening to the radio in another. Multi Source Multiroom for the Home can provide background music in any area of the home with a volume control and source selection for each room. Custom Ipod interface can provide  Ipod docking stations for bedrooms, dining room patio etc. This offers complete control and input of each persons own Listening preferences by simply plugging in thier Ipod 
Please request our photo gallery showing some of our completed projects

Home Movie Theatre
Family time with your own Home Movie Theatre is more reasonably priced than imagined. When we first started installing Home Movie Theatres the average cost was 20K, with the increased demand and drop in price of electronics we can now supply and install better systems for under 9k. An average system is comprised of an 8 x 6 ft electric remote control screen, video projector HDTV1080p with high definition, brilliant colors and contrast, Fully digital surround sound receiver, 500 watts, with a BluRay DVD Player and complete Dolby Digital 7.1 in wall speakers system, with matching powered subwoofer and a Harmony Universal Remote control. This type of system will operate with all Video Game consoles and provide years of family fun time.

Audio Video for  Business, Bars Restaurants, Office
We supply and install complete audio systems for Bars restaurants and business. Multizone amplifiers and controls allow for independant volume setting for each area of an establishment, allowing for lower volume at Dining areas and high levels for the bar, dance floor etc. Sports Bars can run audio from the TV,s throught the sound system for sporting events. Microphones can be added into any system for voice over music, to make announcements, speeches etc.
Banquet Halls, Conference rooms, Boardrooms all require good quality audio and video. Power point presentations, projectors, scrrens, wireless microphones, podiums  can all be a part of your multimedia presentation
Please request our photo gallery showing some of our completed projects.

Place Of Worship,
We carry a wide variety of specialty microphones, podium, boundary, wireless, choir overhead, headset and lavalier to suit your needs. We have all the Speakers, amplifiers, mixing consoles, cabling and wiring that is requied to complete a sound system for your Place Of Worship. We can offer complete new systems or Renovate your existing system to uppdate or increase its capability to meet growing needs.
All of our systems are designed to match building interiors, thus creating an esthetically pleasing system
We have always been of the opinion that a Choir Sound System should be independant of any other system. This allows for much greater control of volume levels and equalization differentiating from voice and music.
Request our photo gallery to see completed projects.

Intercom Home or Business
Keep in touch through out the home or Office, makes commincation as simple as the push of a button. Sleek sylish intercom stations can be mounted in each room as required and communicate hands free.
Business can Comunicate from reception area to  other offices, shipping  or the warehouse , the responding person can answer hands free.

Video Door Entry
Located at the front door entry of a home or business, when someone pushes the door bell you can see who is at the door from the sub station mounted in the kitchen , family room etc. There is an optional feature that can provide visual of who is at the front door, from any TV in the house.

Video security
We can be provide for Home or Business, with multiple cameras that can record and monitor entry and exit points as well as swimming pools garages, parking lots, warehouses, etc. This type of system offer a great deal of security and peace of mind. This type of system can also be monitored from any tv in the home or office or anywhere in the world over the internet.

HDTV wiring
for wall mounted TV and Home Theatre Surround sound for the home is another great feature that will give you the best performance from your AV equipment. In Wall speakers and remote control sensors allow all the picture and sound without all the wires and speakers being visible. Universal remotes are available to control all of your equipment with simple One Button  selection for watching, TV, or DVD, or listening to CD, or Ipod. The equipment is more complicated these days however we can make it simpler.

Audio & Video Oakville
Audio & Video Oakville
Audio & Video Oakville
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